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Snake Removal Reno

Snakes are typically sensitive to human presence which means once they invade your home, it will be hard for you to spot them. However as soon as you see one, it will surely be a cause for concern for obvious reasons. The majority of snakes found in most states in the US are harmless. However, it is possible that the one you’ve encountered with is a rattlesnake which means it is venomous. For this reason, you need to take precautions for you and your family’s sake. Doing your own snake removal procedure may seem enticing but just think about the hospital bills you’d have to pay when you get bitten by the snake.

A snake problem only calls for the skills and expertise of specialists. The people that have already been bitten by rattlesnakes would advise you to let the professionals handle a rattlesnake removal process. Rattlesnakes and other species of snakes have no problem biting and hurting humans. The venom that they release to incapacitate their prey is extremely potent and it can do a great harm to you and to your kids. Although snakes are dangerous, they still contribute to the food chain. The professionals that you will be hiring should perform a rattlesnake removal process that is humane and safe to these creatures.

Snake Removal

Things You Should NOT Do When You See Snakes in Your Property

If by chance you encounter snakes in your home:

  • Do NOT panic.
  • Do NOT try to hit the creature with a bat or any item to drive it away.
  • NEVER try to pick the snake up.

Keep your kids and pets far from where the snake is and call a professional rattlesnake removal company like Father & Son Pest Control to drive the creature away from your home.

Although snakes don’t like to reside near humans, they can accidentally find their way to your home. It may be because you have been infested by rodents. Snakes also hibernate during the winter season and they can be rarely seen in the cold months. Come spring, they will start slithering around your property and look for a way to get to your front door. When you call for professionals, all you need to do is sit back and just let them help these creatures make their way out of your property.

Snake Removal

Why Snake Removal and Control Are Important

Below are the main reasons why you need to get rid of the snakes living in your property:

  • If you have Massasauga rattlesnakes in your home, you can get bitten by their venomous fangs.
  • Snakes pose serious threats to the safety and health of your children and pets.
  • If the snakes invaded your home because you have their main food sources such as birds and mice, you can develop infections, diseases, and allergic reactions because they carry bacteria in their bodies.

Snake Removal Services

As soon as you find a snake in your home, it is smart to call Father & Son Pest Control for a snake control service. They don’t exterminate which means the animal will be safe. They will also make sure that the source of the infestation is located so that it won’t happen again in the near future. Call Father & Son Pest Control’s service hotline today for a quote.

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